Hi, I’m Kirsty Hartsiotis and I love William Morris. I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager, but I am very fortunate and privileged in that I now work as part time museum curator at a museum that holds a large and important Arts and Crafts Movement collection and private press library. Working with and studying the output of Morris, his friends and followers has only deepened my appreciation of the man and his work.

A few years ago at the museum where I work, a colleague coined a twitter hashtag, #WhatWouldWilliamMorrisSay as part our social media campaign promoting the museum’s Arts and Crafts Movement collection. The hashtag didn’t take off, but the phrase has stayed with me. Then, last year, I went to France tracing WM’s movements in Northern France in the 1850s when he and his friend Edward Burne Jones travelled from gothic cathedral to church to cathedral. I had the intention of setting up a blog about the journey then, but super-busyness took over and I didn’t.

But the hashtag revived in my mind again during the referendum campaign and the aftermath. What would William Morris say? So I decided that it was time to start the blog. The blog has nothing to do with my professional life at the museum – these are my own thoughts, interpretations and opinions. They may be political in nature. They may not. The blogs will cover all aspects of Morris’s life and work, and will probably touch on thos friends and followers, too. I hope you enjoy them!


Folk and Fairy Tales from England, their history and meaning. By Kirsty Hartsiotis.