Cover stories – The Green Children

Katherine Soutar is the artist who creates the wonderful cover illustrations for The History Press’s Folk and Ghost Tale series. I’m really delighted that she’s chosen to talk about her inspiration and process for creating the cover design for Suffolk Folk Tales – and you’ll also get a teaser for the book, with the story of the that green girl on the cover. Do go and check out her website for more Cover Stories.

Kirsty Hartsiotis

Katherine Soutar


I used to visit London frequently as my father lived there for many years, and one of my favourite ways to pass an afternoon was to go to the British museum alone and spend hours in just one or two of the galleries, sketching or just gazing at the beautiful human things and imagining who made them and how… I remember being incredibly moved when I looked closely at a decorated box from Egypt about 2000 years old and saw how the painter had realised he or she didn’t quite have the space left to do what they had planned, I followed the “how can I make this work? Thought process that then ensued through to it’s elegant conclusion and felt I had a long distance relationship with this artist somehow across so much time and space. The British is a space where on a quiet day you can travel…

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